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What are Squarehead Kids

I’m a squarehead, you’re a squarehead, we’re ALL squareheads around here! Embrace it!

But, more specifically, the Squarehead Kids are three friends who enjoy hanging out and motivating each other through our very different personalities and outlooks on life. We all share a love for this community and a connection to the people and places in it and hope we can share it with all of you as well.

Hot Cocoa

that looks good

Look at that wolf cup! Ivan, you could use a set of those for your White Wolf Forge side project! Remind me to check some yard sales.

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get it together apple

As soon as Apple gets around to it, we’ll be on iTunes. Isn’t that exciting Apple fans? You’ll be able to download us into your Podcast app for your listening pleasure.

Emotions are real

especially mine

I was reading this book about bacon, then remembered I had read Charlotte’s Web only moments before. I took off my glasses and had a good cry.


It's gonna be a real thing!


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98% of listeners are humans

75% Humble rate

67 Dentists approve of our methods

2052 Minutes of edited material

80% Brag rate

66% of hosts listen

Upcoming events

june, 2018

No Events

*if an event is marked in orange, it means a squarehead will likely be attending

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Fake Listener Testimonials

vCard Image

Kirk Menerfee

Professional Fake Listener
Look, I've fake listened to a lot of shows in my lifetime, but the Squarehead Kids are the BEST of them. Hands down.

vCard Image

Melissa Sackton

Lady we cornered in the market
Please don't hurt me, what do you want?! No, I won't listen to your dumb podcast. Weirdos.
My Website

vCard Image

Kyle Clovingsdale

Professional sleeper
When I need to get to sleep, nobody helps me with that quite like listening to these guys.
Work & Life Rattle

vCard Image

Corrine Lee

Ghost Chef
People ask me all the time, do I cook ghosts, or cook for ghosts? But for sure, I'm not a ghost.

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